Artist Statement


"Art and science share a paramouric existence in my work. The cold, crisp, sterility of the textbook illustration is not simply functional and informative, but a branch of the ancient lineage of medical illustration that stretches back some 14,000 years. Traditionally, printed anatomy textbooks and wax models have been highly expensive luxury items, furthering the public from understanding their physiology. My aim is to create artwork that clearly fits in-the-between as teaching tool, novelty, and accessible science. By using disposable, overlooked, ballpoint pen, which can be used to create textures and marks not unlike those of intaglio printing, I produce works that excite and intrigue viewers who may be interested in learning more about how their own bodies function, or the goings-on of the natural world. These desires, along with interest in American humbug, the process of rot, modern and historic death practices, and humor, fuel my pursuit of visual storytelling in the medium of magnificent function and grotesque disease."



All artwork is a copyright of Alexis B. Ames and may not be used without express permission of the artist.