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 Raised in a creative home in Minnesota, Lexi was given ample opportunity to explore her interests in nature through first hand experiences and collections of beautifully illustrated books. From her first animal dissection at age three, to her recent studies of zoopharmacognasy behaviors in Madagascar's lemurs in 2015, Lex has taken it upon herself to combine science and art in every tidbit of her corporeal self.
 In 2017, she graduated from celebrated Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences and Studio Art. There, she put her passions to practice in three major projects; two of which focused on the importance of medical illustration throughout history and modernity, and one displaying and organizing the University's Ornithology Collection*.                                                 
 Now 24, Lex pursues a life as an advocate of science and knowledge through artistic means, particularly in the biology of death and green cemetery practices. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and maintains a healthy interest in the elegant and macabre; a flare for wicked humor and fashion; and occasionally reminisces on the golden days of professional wrestling.

*two of which can be found here:

Ornithology Collection A Fine Specimen and

Senior Art Show Exquisite Corpse

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